As cities grow ever more crowded, multi-family housing construction is more necessary than ever. Finding ways to compress housing into smaller spaces while still creating true homes calls for a complex blend of innovative design and engineering. We understand the various elements of creating a perfect interior space expansion, space division, framing, drywall, flooring, ceiling, painting, electrical and plumbing work – all the phases necessary to finish, convert or update a multi-family living facility.

Unit Upgrades

Unit upgrades, we do that too!  We have the ability to complete a single bathroom remodel or a large multi-unit rehab. We can take your project through the entire process including cabinets, floor covering, and granite-solid surface countertops. We also have the ability to handle all your mechanical needs. With our years of experience, we can complete your rehab in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Still life of lumber and tool belt

Roofing Services

 We have the ability to tackle everything from small roof repairs to multiple building roof replacement. We have you covered from roof leaks, tear-offs, layovers, flat roofs, and commercial roof coatings.


Exterior & Interior Painting Services

Quality exterior painting begins with proper preparation. We understand the importance of starting the job right, every time. Each job starts with an evaluation of the exterior surface to aid us in determining the proper course of action.

After preparation, our experienced professionals use the correct procedure to apply the appropriate coating product to produce a beautiful, lasting job. And, as with all of our work, we do this with an eye on your budget.



With Beam and Co. extensive network of flooring vendors, we can handle your project.  We have you covered from subfloor replacement to ceramic tile installation.